Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pasta Day

It seems that without meaning to, I've been writing along a theme lately. It's an over-used proverb, but for me it holds true: It takes a village to raise a child. This phrase has become a joke of sorts but when you think about it, it is very wise.
I, alone, could not give my kids the varied experiences they have been given. My daughter and, soon, my older son have had the experience of helping others in a far away place. Our church and many committed adults have allowed my kids learn about another culture and share our many blessings with people who don't have as much. Friends and their families bring different viewpoints and perspective to many issues. Musicians share their music with my family when we attend a concert. Actors tell stories to my children in a way I never could. My daughter shared her love of maps with AH when she invited him to her college cartography lab and taught him to make a map on the computers there.
I am always happy when someone volunteers to share a skill or experience with us. One good friend, Cathy, did that recently when she invited AH and me to her home to make homemade pasta and Alfredo sauce. AH is a pasta fiend, and was very excited to try this.
Cathy was great! She had AH working right alongside her. He mixed ...
and kneaded...and rolled. He shredded and measured. AH had a blast! He also had the satisfaction of sitting down at a table of people knowing he had helped to feed them. The pasta was delicious, but the sharing of a new experience was priceless and will not be soon forgotten. I am blessed that my "village" is so willing and eager to help!