Thursday, March 24, 2011

National Homeschool Book Award

 I'm so excited about this opportunity!  A group of homeschool moms here in Minnesota have organized a National Homeschool Book Award.  Here is how they describe it on their website:
The NHBA is a readers' choice book award designed to recognize and celebrate current juvenile fiction that explores learning experiences occurring outside the traditional classroom setting and that resonates with homeschool readers.
The group has nominated four books for their inaugural award:

Alabama Moon by Watt Key
Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass
The Remarkable & Very True Story of Lucy & Snowcap by H.M. Bouwman
Savvy by Ingrid Law

Homeschoolers are asked to read these four books and in October vote for their favorite.  The winner will be announced in November.  During this time their website will offer activities based on these books.  It costs nothing to participate in this award.

The website offers summaries of each nominee and explains the process in depth. They also have a facebook page!  Check it out!

Now you know what AH and I will be reading for the next few months!