Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Driver's Ed at Home

You would think that having the third child begin driver training would be no big deal.  Been there, done that...Right? Nope! It's still a big deal!  I'm feeling the same excitement and worry that I felt when the older kids began this process.  It's an exciting, happy time in the life of an American teenager and an exciting, nerve-wracking time for an American teenager's parents!  

Since we received the curriculum last week we have been reading about insurance, licensing regulations and classes of licenses, to name just a few subjects.  The first chapter was not thrilling.  I was yawning while reading it with AH! He agreed it was a lot of dry information, but was much more interested in the types of auto insurance than I was.  When we began a chapter about the car itself and I found myself nodding off, I hopped up and proclaimed that class would be held in the car!  We took our books and proceeded to sit in our car in the driveway for an hour. AH started the car, turned signals off and on, found the hazards and parking brake, adjusted the seats and mirrors and asked about anything in the car .  When I didn't have an answer we looked in the the driver's education book and when that didn't have the answer we scoured the  owner's manual. Opening up the hood to find out how to check the oil and various other fluid levels was more fun than looking at a  sketch and diagram.  I'm so happy we can study this subject together at home so that he can move around and actively learn the material the way he learns best!