Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Back To School Camp: Day 3

Castle Mania Day!
AH told me he wanted to do a diorama of a castle. Since our original plans for day 3 fell through, I thought we could easily do a mini study of castles for the day. Our day started bright and early with AH speeding through his breakfast to start on his castle diorama.

He has an idea in his mind of what he wants to build and he started right in! His goal is to finish by Thanksgiving. After an hour or so he needed a break, so he headed outside for some movement time. When he came in we sat in the living room and read several books about castles, including David Macaulay's Castle, Mrs. Frizzle's Adventures: A medieval castle, and several others.
At lunch we ate sandwiches and watched a PBS video based on the David Macaulay book above. It was a pretty good video, a little slow by today's standards, but AH seemed to enjoy it, too.
I'll keep you updated on the progress of his castle.


jane said...

this is going to be so cool! happy weekend!

Jóhanna said...

Hi Barbara.
Thank you for your nice comment. Yes you read it right, my little grandson was born on september 24th so he has the same birthday as your son Andrew.
I think it is nice to have a little connection trough the internet.
I like reading about your homeschooling projects, I think you are both doing a great work.
Best wishes from Iceland (the first real winter storm is coming to night!)