Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Experiencing the Outdoors by Going...Indoors?

We've missed a couple of days of the Outdoor Challenge due to a fundraiser I was helping to coordinate. AH actually did spend time outdoors each day, but I was too busy to photograph it.
Yesterday AH and I had to do some errands to do in the car. It was an overcast day, threatening rain, but it never did. Since we were in St. Paul, we decided to visit one of our favorite places: Como Zoo and Conservatory. It is a very small zoo, but it is free and they have many, many educational programs available. Como Zoo is so much closer to our home than the larger Minnesota Zoo, so we stop by quite often.

Our first stop was the Tropical Trail exhibit. This is one of our favorites during our long, dark and cold winters here in Minnesota. But it is fun anytime. Now you'll know why it's like being outside:
AH's favorite resident is the Sloth. We've been lucky enough to see the zookeepers deliver her to the tree in the morning and watch her climb up and get comfortable. Can you see her in the photo below napping in her favorite spot?

After the Tropical Trail, we walked around the zoo (outdoors!!) then turned our attention to the conservatory. For some strange reason, we don't visit this too often. Strange because when we do go, we invariably see something interesting and amazing and wonder why we don't come more often!!

Here are some photos of our wanderings today:

AH was fascinated to find a cinnamon tree. Here they are:

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Michelle said...

Nice post! We're also doing the challenge. It's fun to see what others are doing :)

We like Como Zoo too! That sloth always makes us giggle.

Michelle said...

Hi, Barb! Yes, I do remember you. Nice to find you on here :) Your blog is wonderful, and I'll be following it.

I was just thinking about the bog this morning, and wondering if we could squeeze in a trip today! That was such a nice afternoon.

Take care. Maybe we'll meet up again soon?