Thursday, February 3, 2011

Out and About

Wow.  What a whirlwind month January was!  February is beginning to look like it'll be a busy month, too.  Generally, AH and I love our time at home together, but there have been so many opportunities lately, that we couldn't say no.  Here are just a few pictures of our exploits this January:

Science Museum of Minnesota: Geometry Playground

We visited the U of M Chemistry Dept. for a Chemistry Demo and Hands on experiments!
We love watching things go up in flames!

Hard to see, but there is a flying pop bottle launched with a chemical reaction

My scientist
An afternoon of free rides at Nick Universe at the Mall of America
Nickelodeon Universe  

Homeschool Gym
Tour of KSTP TV station
Celebrated our friend Michael's birthday!
Add to this swimming lessons, art club, a comedy show for homeschoolers, and a trip to the Omni Theater and that adds up to a busy month!

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Lisa said...

Hi Barbara! I found you from Kendra's blog and thought I'd stop in and say hello! I have an almost 13 year old 7th grader and an 11 year old and we home school as well.