Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Worked!

AH and I have usually have very bad luck when it comes to science experiments: they usually don't work for us.  Today we tried one I've read about in quite a few books and blogs.  Since Easter is right around the corner we thought it was fitting to try an experiment that included an egg.  AH is learning to use our video camera, so I asked him to record the experiment for the blog.

What we did:
In the microwave we heated water until it was boiling.  I poured the boiling water into the bottle and let it heat for a moment, then emptied the bottle (an adults job!) and immediately put the cold, peeled, hard-boiled egg on top.  Then all you do is watch and wait! 
The hot air inside the jug is less dense than the colder outside air.  This creates suction which pulls the egg into the bottle.  Have some fun and try it!  If it worked for us, it'll work for you!!


Lisa said...

My girls would love this experiment!

I had to laugh too, because I noticed from the background that your stove is exactly the same as mine!

Michelle said...

I have seen this before, but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the reminder to give it a go. I'm glad it worked for you :)