Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Picture A Day

For 8th grade, AH wanted to document his year a little differently.  He proposed taking a photo at precisely 10:17 AM each day for the entire year.  Since I know myself I asked if we could just do weekdays, since weekends tend to be busy and I'm not exactly known for my consistency! So I added a page to my blog and started posting the pictures each day.  I realized I wouldn't be able to fit the entire year of pictures on one page since additional pages on blogger don't work like the home page with separate posts. So I've started another blog called A Picture A Day and linked it as a second page on Blue Skies.  I don't think it'll show up in Blue Skies' feeds, though.  Just a FYI that I may be posting, but you may not see it.  I think this will be a fun little aside for AH.  He is very good at reminding me to get my camera each day at around 10 am!  I will most likely post the day's picture that evening while I work on my computer.  Enjoy AH's project!

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Barbara W. said...

I love this idea! What a cool thing to look back on and remember.