Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life Cycle of a Monarch Project

A good friend and fellow homeschool mom found a ton of monarch eggs on her milkweed plants this spring and offered some to us. We took up the challenge and raised monarch butterflies from egg to caterpillar to butterfly.  What can I say?  If we were able to do it...anyone can.  I seem to have lost the photos of the eggs and caterpillars, so here is a video of the butterfly emerging from the chrysallis and photos of our butterflies.    I will update this post when I find those other photos!!

Just don't ask me about our tadpole raising disaster adventure last year!!

Our first Monarch emerges from the chrysallis!

We set it free near our milkweed plants on the side of our house.

Our second Monarch shows off its beautiful wings hours after emerging from the cocoon

This Monarch seemed to love the coffee filter top!  AH is trying to set it free.

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