Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Time!

Ahhh. Spring break came at just the right time for me this year. I was feeling overwhelmed, agitated, frustrated, and tired when we walked onto the airplane that was to take us south. It seemed that the minute we walked out into the steamy night, my worries dissolved into the heat. We were to be in Florida for one blessed week. No schedules, no worries, no cooking, and no laundry!!! Funny how we managed to learn A LOT in that one week...just by having fun! AH and AN saw the shuttle from their window seats on the plane shortly after its launch!
We visited the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.
We chased waves in Madiera Beach.
We challenged the waves on Cocoa Beach!
We fed Giraffes!
We watched a very brave (or very stupid) man feed alligators.
We fed baby alligators! We found shells.
We visited the Kennedy Space Center with an old college friend.
We read on the beach,
we tasted new seafood, we learned to get along with each other again!
My daughter spent time with our friends (who are also baseball parents) and told us she really likes our little group.
And we remembered why we love each other and why we can also drive one another crazy!!! I learned not to text my 17 year old son too much. This was after being lectured by my 23 year old daughter. I learned how big a hole there is in our family when one isn't there with you!
AD, our 17 year old son, went on his own vacation with his high school baseball team. They went to Cocoa Beach, Florida to practice and scrimmage with teams from all over the United States.
AD pitching
AD batting
Of course we managed to get over to that side of the Florida peninsula to watch him play. But I missed him being with us. I missed his humour, his wit, and his ability to get me to believe just about anything he says!!!
Lucky for me, his sister, AN, joined us on our vacation, so the hole wasn't gaping wide. It was nice to spend time with my oldest, who is on her own now. She actually made it through the week without having to go to a psychotherapist during the week (I can't claim she hasn't gone since we got back!!!). I got to rediscover the beautiful person she is! She made me laugh, got me to do some girly things with her (Shopping...then more shopping), and joined me in a cocktail or two. (yes, she is legally able to drink, she just looks young!) AH enjoyed having her around. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed spending time with her littlest brother. He was only 6 when she left home to go off to college. She and her dad, my husband, are completely nuts together and the jokes and sarcastic comments flowed freely. I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

So here I sit, now at home. I have a new perspective on life, school, and my family. Breaks are a very good thing!

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