Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Neighbor

Here is a peek at our new neighbor. Can you see the female Mallard under all the brush?

It all started innocently enough. Last Wednesday I opened our garage door to walk down our driveway to get the mail and bring our garbage can back in. I looked around and caught sight of the duck on our neighbors' driveway. She was all alone and standing still. I told AH about her and, of course, he was racing around looking for bread to feed the duck! He must have been outside there with her for a good 20 minutes throwing pieces of bread to her. She ignored each and every one of those pieces. AH was very disappointed!

She finally had enough and flew away...

But about 5 minutes later she was back. AH left her alone for a while, but went inside to watch her from our windows. He found her exploring our neighbors brush pile and, eventually making a nest within it. AH finds this fascinating. He has gotten fairly close, but doesn't want to scare her. He says her nest is lined with feathers. How lucky are we to have a view to this precious spring event! We are watching and waiting for ducklings!

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