Friday, April 17, 2009

Think! Challenge

Week Thirty-Four -- Geometrical Shapes
Place a box/bag of straws and a box of paperclips on the table. Tell your students to make the largest geometrical shape that they can (preferably 3D). Remind them that there are more shapes than a simple cube. They may use scissors in construction but not the solution.
AH grudgingly accepted this challenge and created the Triangular Pyramid below: (P.S. Mom just told AH the challenge and neglected to tell him it had to be as large as possible...Oooops!)

We found a great website to identify the actual shape. AH thought it was a pyramid, but since the only pyramids we knew had 4 sides, we weren't sure. So we were off to the computer to find out what he had created. We came up with this information on pyramids. What AH created is a triangle pyramid! A four sided pyramid is a rectangle pyramid. Here is a link to the main page of Interactives 3D Shapes Geometry.

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