Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We were off the the famed Spam Museum in Austin, MN today. We learned about the history of the Hormel family and the meat packing industry. We found out that Spam was shipped to soldiers during WWII. Did you know Hawaii eats the most Spam in the United States? We found out all these interesting things about the curious mystery meat in the blue can. What a fun place to go. Admission is free and the people working the museum have an unrivaled enthusiasm for their beloved product. Besides the history of the product, they have an interactive exhibit in which you race to can some spam as they do in the factory. AH and cousin loved it. They were each able to complete one can in 47 and 48 seconds. The exhibit also showed us that the nearby plant was able to can 397 cans of Spam in that same period of time.
Of note, AH is a seasoned vegetarian. He asked at age 9 if he could be a vegetarian. As long as he has been alive, AH has not really been a fan of meat. He presented me with several arguments that made sense to both of us. He respects that his family has different beliefs and values when it comes to meat eating and we really couldn't deny him our respect of his beliefs. Despite his beliefs, AH had a great time at the museum and actually tried Spam!


Bronwyn of Blogwyn said...

LOVE the Spam museum! We took Wendy's little Calvin there a few years ago and he had a great time. Good to see you back on your Blog!

gina said...

We did know those things about Spam -oddly enough Anthony Boudain did a show about it not too long ago. :)