Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life can be crazy

What a wild week! Painting, working, learning and an emergency room visit!
Seriously, I don't think I could possibly fit anymore into this past crazy week! I am so sorry that I haven't posted. I've got all these ideas for posts bouncing around inside my head, but first I have to get this week off my chest!
We had been painting AH's new room most of last week and into this week. I close my eyes and see black and blue! But we are finished and here is his new room...

On Saturday I attended a workshop on the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching reading and spelling. It was fantastic. The instructor, Kathy Fears, described my son to a "T" and she has never met him. I teared up because for the first time, I met someone who knows what AH and I are going through. She is a homeschooler for the same reason I am. She pulled her daughter out of public school because they just couldn't help her daughter and she became more and more frustrated with school. Even with the one on one that homeschooling provides, she couldn't get through to her daughter until she found this method. Her daughter is now a college graduate and is self-employed. I am hoping this method will also help AH. He knows his phonics, but needs some help putting them together and I think we have found a way. Wish us luck!
Right after the workshop I worked an 8 hour shift at my part-time job at Starbucks, went home, slept and worked another 8 hour shift on Sunday. I hadn't been home more than 45 minutes when the phone rang. My father was in an ambulance on his way to the emergency room at his local hospital! I couldn't make this stuff up! The poor guy was putting out his garbage when his knee gave way and he landed head-first on the concrete driveway. He ended up in the operating room where they cleaned up and repaired his wound. I think I spent about 5 hours with him and my mom at the hospital. He is recuperating at home now, but he has a couple of serious black eyes and a large scar.
This week we have been putting the finishing touches on AH's room, such as painting his closet doors with dry-erase paint as shown here (Who knew there was such a thing!):

Painting magnetic paint on the back of the door to his room in preparation for the chalkboard paint!
And a new bookshelf needed filling:

Well, things will be slowing down here in the next few weeks as we close our Starbucks coffee shop and I no longer work outside the home. It will feel good to concentrate on my family and home once again.

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