Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today was tough. We are trying out this Orton-Gillingham method of reading and spelling. I've given AH the assessments and now we are working on his lessons. He really knows most of the sounds, it's just getting him to really sound them out. He only made one mistake today and when I asked him to look more closely at that word, the tears just flowed. I don't think I really know the depth of his hurt or frustration in learning. He is an absolutely brilliant boy. He is detail oriented with a fabulous memory! He is creative and thinks outside the box! He is definitely my nature boy! It broke my heart to see those tears. He really didn't make a terrible mistake, but I think he feels like such a failure when he is not right. I really hope it isn't me. I want so much to help him. I try so hard not to say the words "you're wrong, no, etc" I just asked him to look at it again and he didn't say anything, put his head down and I saw the tears stream down his cheek. I think he is wounded and a whole year after leaving school, the hurt is still there. We switched subjects and I told him we would continue tomorrow with the reading and spelling. He seemed fine when we were listening to Story of the World later. I guess I bring it up only because I am worried. I wanted this to be a happy blog, never a complaint. I wouldn't trade our decision to home-school AH, but this threw me. Ah, well. Most everything seems better after a long nights sleep. Wish me luck...

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